Digital transformation in the housing sector has become a necessity rather than a luxury

With customer service expectations changing, coupled with a growing need to improve staff efficiency whilst reducing costs, housing associations are increasingly turning to the cloud to achieve their digital transformation goals.

Notting Hill Genesis Case Study

Discover how we're helping NHG on its digital transformation journey

Greater Efficiency

Moving to the cloud can improve staff efficiency. Our work with NHG improved front-line staff's time efficiency by 30%

Reduced Costs

Due to the extensible nature of the cloud, organisations can save money in the long run. The NHG project is predicted to save £2 million in costs

Self Service

Through the use of AI, housing associations can deliver 24/7 access without investing in 24/7 support

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Embracing the "new world" of transformation in housing

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Why it pays to become a data-driven business

Housing associations can learn from businesses that are making quick wins from becoming data-driven, demonstrating ROI in a matter of weeks. Discover the seven tangible ways businesses are using data...

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How the cloud fuels productivity

Change is occurring rapidly, at a faster-pace than legacy systems can handle. The cloud enables housing associations to be more cost-efficient, effective, and agile to meet these and other new challenges.

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Self-service: Improving customer service quality in Housing

Discover how customer self-service enables housing associations to drive down support costs and resolve housing issues in minutes, so tenants’ needs are met more quickly.

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Increasing customer satisfaction with VIVID Homes and Microsoft

Increasing customer satisfaction through the smart use of technology - Vivid Homes

In the news

With the housing sector traditionally laden with inefficient manual and paper-based processes, coupled with a growing trend towards mergers, digital transformation is now firmly at the top of housing associations' agendas. 

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Geraldine Howley, CEO, Incommunities


"One size does not fit all and the shift to a digital service will allow us to personalise our services to customers in a way larger organisations may have struggled with in the past."

Source: CIH News

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Chartered Institute of Housing

"Almost all landlord organisations are looking to develop their digital offer in some way. 77 per cent of those surveyed plan to increase the proportion of services available for their customers via self-serve in the next two years."

Source: Going Digital - Gearing up for the future

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Pippa Adams, CEO, Prodo

"Today, consumers are used to receiving fast, convenient service online, regardless of the organisation they’re dealing with. This means that housing associations have a lot to live up to as they adopt new channels of communication."

Source: 24Housing

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